Welcome to ‘Bespoke Furniture Company’, a highly recognized Furniture Wholesale Retail Company in the UK. Since our inception in 2009, we have been consistently serving the best custom made furniture pieces to our customers at competitive prices. We introduced our business with an aim to deliver a superior level of service. Today, we have achieved a great recognition across the United Kingdom for our commitments and craftsmanship.

How We Get Started?

 Several years back, our Founder and Owner Mr Telli was only known for manufacturing furniture in different designs. His talent helped him in winning many awards and achieving recognition nationwide. Soon, he was introduced to the Furniture industry by Mr Stewart Taylor (Suites Beds & Wardrobes Plc). Mr. Taylor- such a talented personality having over 50 years of experience in the Furniture Manufacturing & Design and Furniture Retail Industry decided to have a world tour with Mr Telli just to have some more ideas on how to customize exclusive furnishings. Later on our Founder and Owner made a decision to set up his own company with a sole motive to offer his great talent and creativity to the UK’s customers directly. And in 2009, he successfully established his own Bespoke Furniture Company!

Our company’s experience in this industry is something that separates us from other providers. All our customers are important to us and therefore, we focus on providing luxury handmade furniture pieces along with unmatched customer service that lasts forever. We have lots of happy customers that only prefer using our high standard service. If you are seeking to buy custom furniture online from a trusted source, look no further than Bespoke Furniture Company.

In order to view our huge collection of handmade furniture pieces, we invite you with open heart to visit our official site and explore at your end. Here, you can find everything of your choice, no need to visit our showroom. From classic to contemporary, we have all unique designs and styles in our selection. If you wish to purchase any of our furnishing items online, you are most welcome as always.

At Bespoke Furniture Company, we specialize in providing luxury products that suit your home decor needs perfectly. We not only focus on customizing furniture to your order, but also take the customer service to a great level. Our craftsmen are talented enough to manufacture all types of sofas using more than hundred fabrics and leathers. For us, it is our priority to fulfill our customers’ demand and therefore; we take pride in delivering a complete bespoke solution at pocket-friendly rates.

No matter what is the size of your sofa that you ordered for your home, we can handmade and deliver it to you, providing you a world-class shopping experience guaranteed. Making an investment in sofa can be a perfect decision if ‘Bespoke Furniture Company’ is your service provider. We are proud that our craftsmanship has earned respect and recognition all over the UK.

The important information about online ordering process is available on our site to make your buying experience easy and convenient. We are committed to offering the highest quality service that exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is always our first concern and priority. Get in touch with us for mre information. We would love to assist you anytime!